Saturday, October 08, 2005

Warren and Hatter kicking Holby around! Posted by Picasa

Vicar, Holby, Hatter, and Warren Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005


Good Lord! Such changes we have seen around here in recent weeks...ALL FOR THE BETTER, SAY WE!!

Yes, the RFC 1st Aerial Battalion is alive and well, and we are gearing up to face the next chapter of our squadron history -- growth! We have a core of fabulous pilots and a lot of raw talent, but we are not content to just stop there!

Growth comes in a number of ways...we will no doubt grow in numbers, but we also plan to grow in our abilities as individual pilots and as a squadron. Capt. WarRobin, our TO, is seeing to the task of building skills amongst our flight officers, and we all have room to grow as members of our flights. There will of course also come the growth in cameraderie -- the esprit de corps that distinguishes good squadrons from GREAT squadrons. I know already that I am a member of a GREAT squadron!

So do have a look around if you are a visitor to our aerodrome, and be sure to sign our guestbook, as it were, by stopping into the forum. We are glad you are here, and we hope you come again. Contact!

In His Majesty's Service,

AB1 Vicar CO

Commading Officer and Squadron Chaplain
Royal Flying Corps, 1st Aerial Battalion

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

GETTING READY FOR RBWL...Shooter, Cobber, and Hatter spiffy themselves up at the shaving trough (Reaper has been unaccounted for since something he called "shearing season" began). Hatter claims that a close shave produces less wind resistance, and allows him to coax an extra 2 mph out of his Nieuport. I am skeptical. All of us will be glad when the promised indoor plumbing arrives, however, as Holby has been quite vocal when the Yoo-Hoo gets to Neo at 3 AM...our TO always forgets to close the barracks door on his way to the 'loo. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

THE VICAR'S SPAD XIII CORN CASSEROLE...(please see recipe in the forum). Well, gentlemen, you scoffed, but here is that little old corn casserole I whipped up during the other evening's bombing excursion! Aside from a faint aero-petrol taste, it was a success. I am considering an entire cook book, entitled "Dinner from the Engine of your Spad." I think it could be a big hit. Posted by Hello

...and here 'tis as part of a balanced dinner, complete with roast turkey, cranberries and green beans. Mmmmm...such good things come off the manifold of the trusty ol' Hispano-Suiza 235! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

From Maj. Reaper in the Ordnance Safety department comes this blast from the past: A safety poster that he produced for the Japanese squadron that visited our Aerial Battalion Headquarters for a big-game hunt. RFC command had heard of Reaper's great concern over firearm safety (ever since a somewhat shady episode with the CO at a dove hunt -- details are sketchy). We think the bullet in this poster is asking for more gin...but we're not sure. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

A public service announcement brought to you by the Aerial Battalion. Paid for by Maj. Reaper. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Our beloved CO, LtCol Shooter has taken ill, and has been moved to a field hospital. He claims the sponge baths are frequent but disturbing. He and the other men in his ward have been bundled in wool and tightly gagged. The ward nurse assured me this was absolutely neccesary, but the young ladies giggled an awful lot as I made my way out. Shooter was in good spirits and sends his best to all of the men, but he asks if we can "send more poultry liniment,"...whatever that means. Get well soon, sir! Posted by Hello